Tuesday, February 16, 2016

White Bouganvillea

At the roadside shop,when walking through it attracted me the white flowered plant, sprawling its flowers entire the shop to give shade.Appreciated for his creative spirit for having beauty and utility at the same time.Hope we all know it's bougainvillea in white.There are several colors in this pink,purple,orange,yellow etc.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Our World Tuesday

Today I am presenting here two pictures which were taken at two different places.But quite nearer each other.First picture depicting palm trees clicked at venkatapuram,Burugumpadu of Khammam district.The place has got fame as a picnic spot,nearby it there is a stream that's not seen in this one.If you can see,there is a view of some children being seen obscurely.

The second picture of having a troup clicked at Godavari river.Adjacent to the above place,banks are seen vividly as the flow of river was obviously moderate.Perhaps the people were taking rest under the shade.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Kapu Agitation in Andhra

With the news of setting afire Ratnachal express and mob raging in lakhs in Tuni,a non descript town in the district of East Godavari of Andhra,once again the issue of Kapu caste reservation flared up and the news gripped all over with tension.In fact this is not new issue,they have been fighting for letting them include in to the B.C.Category.Befor the last assembly elections,Telugu Desam Party included this problem in their manifesto and promised to ensure them getting in to B.C. list.As of now,having attained power in the state, the ruling party keep sidelined the given word in the manifesto.

So the Kapu community started agitation asking fulfill the demand at once.All of a sudden,during the meeting,some unwanted elements came in to scene and set afire the train.It triggered great alarm as the area of East Godavari is a peaceful place and prosperous with paddy and coconut output.The district produces largest coconuts in number after Kerala state.Nobody expected the mass gathered to be haywire.

Other backward classes outfits are not willing  the kapus to enlisted in the B.C.list and remind the public as they are considerably forwarded in many sectors.Almost 27 percent of the kapu population is a matter of something to reckon in terms of jeopardize the result of ballot box.TDP Supremo Chandrababu is dealing the issue carefully to harness at the earliest possible.

Right now,Mudragada Padmanabham ,the leader of Kapus on hunger strike unto death in his own house with the doors closed tight.People keep coming to his place incessantly.State government could take necessary steps if needed.One can not imagine how situation would turn when things once get heated up.News says,in several places cine actor Pawan Kalyan 's banners are torn off by enraged kapu caste people as he was supporting TDP government although himself has been hailed from the community.If he could not have supported Chandrababu in the last elections ,this situation would not have occurred,they added.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Have you ever seen inside the Submarine..?

Deep in the waters the matter talking about is,here,we are going to know about inside life of a submarine,in the time of war or urgency ,the soldiers are bound to be in the submarine for weeks after weeks in the deep of sea waters.That's being one kind of fish made of metals to tackle the enemy on waterfronts.It's just like a small size home inside,of course,along with more than 50 torpedoes.

This is INS Kursura ,the submarine displayed in the museum of Visakhapatnam.Commissioned on 18 December 1969 and served in Indo-Pak war of 1971.After being in service for more than three decades decommissioned in 2001.Now it is on showcased at Ramakrishna beach of Visakhapatnam.Visitors are used to come here to see this huge iron fish on holidays.

There are cabins for officers for sleeping,reading,operating radio receivers,radars,cooking and all purposes.But comparatively smaller with outside comforts of life.Happened to take some pictures outside and inside the submarine.Most of the visitors are seemed to be from different states of India.Engines also occupied considerable place in it.

Charge is simple but monday is holiday.There is a maritime and naval museum,that's so interesting for the people who want to see some rare designs and historical happenings along with other war weapons.After stricken by recent cyclone,now Visakha is back to its exuberant life with soaring hilly terrains and pristine seashores.It has been selected as one of the smart cities of the country.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The First Teacher : Chinghiz Aitmatov's novella

Last time I have written about "Jamila" ,this time writing a few lines about Chingij Aitmatov's another novella "The first teacher".These both are having less than 100 pages each.Both books are ,no wonder,remained as classics due to these beautiful and heart touching quality in rendering.Kirgyzstan 's ethnicity appeals through out the story.Entire backdrop is Kukurev for the story.Down to earth characters attract the  attention  of readers and make us transported to another sphere.The power of narration regarding the landscapes of the village and its people takes the reader to emotional heights untouched.

This is a simple story between a village teacher and an orphan girl student.Altinay is the student and Duishen is the teacher.How a teacher evolved a girl's future even  by facing a life threat and how an orphan girl excelled though there were no way outs for her engulfed life ,all these make us read it at one stretch.The style of telling the story is exceptional and one could understand why Chinghiz Aitmatov was treated as one of the greatest writers of the world.

Kukurev village haunts you even after finished this book,and in addition it will make one weep at many times.In fact,I did read it so late though having known its popularity for many years.After completion of this book I studied Chingiz 's life and I felt that he simply presented his encounters of incidents with a few changes and some imagination.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Jamila : Chingiz Aitmatov's Novella

Chingij Aitmatov, the kirghyz writer was quite famous with the writing of Jamila and I have been known it for many years,it was not possible for me to have a look for a few reasons.His craft of story telling is so down to earth with most common characters we could come across even though his canvas was Mainly Kurkurev village engulfed with steppe landscapes,canyons,wormwood flowerings,bustling leaves of poplars,mountains with trudging horse-carts and so on.Jamila ,which was originally written in Russian and later translated in to English,from then many a language it has been gone in to.

The story based on the culture line of central Asian people.Around Khirgyzstan and Kazakistan.Jamila is the central character and all other ones were woven around her experiences of daily routine.It was just like seeing their daily way of working in the threshing fields,playful and a bit of sorrowful other avocations.Each character filled with down to earth attitude.Jamila' husband was in the war and kept asking her in the post scripts of letters only ,addressed to his parents as it was their  age old custom.Their marriage had been taken place four months earlier to the war.

Jamila,along with other village young women was working in the collective farm,They have to take the harvest of wheat to the war zones,that is to nearest their railway station and from where it had to be supplied to needed places.There were very few men in the village as most of them had gone to war places to defend their country.But there was "sait", her husband's younger brother in the house.He was like a little guardian to her "djene" (brother's wife) and his mother.He was under aged,so he remained at home.

They were happily working in the wheat farm.And taking them to nearest station through canyons by carts,all the way singing and all through that august month nights under the twilight of shining stars.They were just like good friends and cherish each other's company.All at once, Daniyar a soldier having a wound in his leg appeared in the village,people used to say  that he was back to the place due to his wound in the war.He was so calm all the way.He speaks very little on queries of others.Almost was looked like contemplated in other unseen worlds.

Daniyar had only one pair of  dress.He used to wash his shirt and wear it while which was wet.But in sometimes,he was not lazy at work.Came to farm to assist in packs ,not only  that helping people to take harvest to stock point.Children were always joyful making fun of him.He keeps helping Jamila in her work too,but never seen he was talking something.People did not understand his way of life.Also not known his complete details like where he truly belonged.

He was watching bustling leaves of paddy fields,listening sounds of flowing river and talking to mountains that standing over there ,all it in the midst of  nights.Sait thought what kind of man he was,eventually mad borne out of war ..?Jamila and Daniyar were working together,sometimes got closer touching each other ,seeing it
the younger sait became arrogant since she was the wife of his elder brother.Surprisingly,Daniyar had never taken advances with Jamila,sticked to his reserved life as before.

They trio were returning ,one night, from the station,Their horse stricken carts  were crunching gravels in the night.Jamila started singing a song ,it's a folk song describing the return of  the beloved.She asked Daniyar to sing a song whatever he knew ..after a longer silence he began singing ,it was about the mountains and its relation to his fore fathers.Sait,jamila and other folk were dumb found.Why he became so...speechless all these days though he was blessed with such a gifted voice and art.

People changed their way of dealing with Daniyar.Maybe not respecting but they found he had something not to be disrespected.Things started metamorphosing in to newer happenings in the village.Daniyar and Jamila ,one rainy night,got out of the village all of a sudden.Sait was aware when they were moving out of that mountains.But he welcomes it wholeheartedly.What makes him to do so..One must read the novella to know it in full.It worth your time.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016


A hill  seen in the midst of waters of Bay of Bengal in the picture is called Dolphin Nose.This is the series of Visakhapatnam pics.So enjoy watching its surroundings through my lens. A jolly made of thin iron bars was there to prevent unnecessary leanings.

A woman was there along with her fish stock and other belongings.It was at the entrance of the harbar.With baskets,cock and dog which seems a lot is happening here apart from selling the fish.More photos to be followed in the days to come.